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For professionals like you, helping those in need is at the heart of your work. 
Our new Wellbeing Hubs connect you with companies and organisations whose employees need your specific skills and knowledge.
By participating, you can reach a wider audience of people seeking help. 

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Build your practice with Kara Connect's Wellbeing Hubs


Connect with a bigger audience

Through Wellbeing Hubs, you can gain access to a wider network of potential clients who need your specialist expertise.

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Make more time for deep work and research

With a more consistent workload through Wellbeing Hubs, you can streamline your calendar and allow time for reflection and reading in your specialism.


Enjoy greater flexibility and work-life balance

Make a difference in employee wellbeing while growing your practice and achieving greater work-life balance.

We support employee wellbeing by ensuring our professionals are verified and accredited.


We verify that all our professionals have the education and training required to give best-in-class, safe and effective care.


All our professionals have practical experience in their field, with a proven track record of providing high-quality care to their clients.

An employee-focused solution
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Why professionals love Kara Connect

Kara Connect not only provides a service which is needed but also goes the extra mile by building Wellbeing Hubs for businesses to support HR managers feeling overwhelmed when asked to outsource or take extra workload on board.

Joanne Coates Moran
Joanne Coates Moran
Health, Wellbeing & Nutrition Coach
Founder @Health Flow

Highly reliable and effective system. Tech support is very responsive and user experience recommendations have been incorporated into the design. Always high responsive to support requests and works seamlessly with clients.

Steven O'Riordan
Steven O'Riordan
Coaching, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy

Because I trust this system the most in terms of security, and it’s generally easy to use, and if something doesn’t work, you can immediately get technical support.

Olga Ásrún Stefánsdóttir
Olga Ásrún Stefánsdóttir
Adjunct at Occupational Therapy Department
University of Akureyri

It removed the pressure off our managers. Kara Connect became a partner our employees can turn to when they need professional help in any aspect of their lives.

Sigurður Torarinsson
The National University Hospital Reykjavik

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    Connect easily with clients seeking your expertise

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    Grow your practice effortlessly with tailored wellbeing services

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