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Kara Connect's first priority is to make your experience safe and secure—and to ensure you have the information you need to feel comfortable transacting business online. That’s why we created the Trust Center: to give you access to the latest Kara Connect security, compliance, legal, privacy, and system performance information, when and where you need it.

Kara Connect Trust Centre

Trust Centre
Your source for our latest security, compliance, legal, privacy and system performance information. Click the button below to access the Trust Centre.

Kara Connect Trust Centre

How does Kara Connect protect your data?

GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. Encryption is important because if your data is encrypted and there is a breach, the data will be illegible and useless to the breachers.


Kara Connect uses a SSL/TLS security certificate which is renewed every 90 days or less. Kara’s web servers are stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany. Access to these servers is controlled with a virtual firewall. Kara Connect’s databases are copied every 24 hours and are stored at AWS for 30 days before they are deleted.

Secure Video Protocol

The video protocol that is used in Kara Connect is an open source technology. It enables a direct connection between users where there is no possibility of a 3rd party mining personal data. Additionally it is not possible to record video or audio with Kara Connect, so sessions cannot be accessed once over..

Advanced Encryption Standard

All personally identifiable information is encrypted in Kara Connect’s database. Kara Connect uses an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), making the data unreadable without a specific key or keyword.

Kara’s 3-step security


Kara has a security team consisting of Kara’s leading experts and advisors in data security, dedicated to ensure that Kara is GDPR compliant. The team meets regularly and implements new rules and audits new ways of processing.


We update, review, and amend our terms regularly to make sure your data is safe in accordance with the strictest regulations. Kara will always require full user consent in order to process data.


For every new feature and integration in Kara we will proactively apply GDPR protection and get user permission.

For more information about Kara Connect Security and Policies please check out our Kara Connect Trust Centre here.

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