We are Kara Connect

For every single one of us, our fundamental essence is intertwined with our wellbeing. When we nurture our wellbeing, it sustains us and we can flourish. 

Our commitment to our mission is unwavering. We strive to make it easy for people  to get the support they need, so they can lead fulfilled and prosperous lives.


Enabling wellbeing for a decade

Founded in Iceland in 2014, Kara Connect was envisioned as a way to help professionals to connect with their clients. Tobba, our founder and CEO, identified the need to break down the access barriers to mental health and wellbeing support. 

After the pandemic, we evolved and expanded to meet companies’ growing need for effective employee wellbeing solutions. 

Our Wellbeing Hubs meet that need. Kara Connect enables employers to give their employees easy access to customised coaching therapy and other specialist services.


Empowering employees and boosting businesses

Our mission is to remove barriers to accessing professional support, to make a positive impact on people's wellbeing and to enable businesses to thrive. 


Improving employee wellbeing can be a challenging and overwhelming task, and we simplify it for our client companies. Everything we do aims to empower employees to take full control of their wellbeing.

Our Secure ongoing support mechanism prevents small issues from becoming big problems. 

Our commitment to you

Kindness and empathy

We want to connect with our clients and users on a personal level. We’re dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that encourages open communication and understanding.  

Quality and efficiency

Providing the best possible service depends on efficient, high quality work. We’re committed to continuously improving our products and services to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence.

Respect and trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. We value open, honest communication and we’re committed to treating our clients and users with respect and dignity at all times.


Growth is essential for success and sustainability, and we value all those opportunities to grow that align with our purpose and values. Our vital commitment to growth enables us to adapt, evolve and thrive. 


We’re committed to using our skills and resources to promote our clients' and users' mental health and wellbeing. We understand our social responsibility and strive to support and enhance our communities.


Progress requires courage. We encourage our team to take risks, challenge the status quo, and think outside the box to create innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and users.

Thorbjörg Helga Kara connect feb 2018 1

We're deeply focused on building an inclusive culture and a diverse team. We’re equal parts women and men, tech and humanities, creative and linear, funny and focused. 

Thorbjorg Helga (Tobba)

Co-Founder & CEO

We chose Kara Connect over other solutions because it allows our employees to access the professional support they need directly without any middle man.

Unnur Jónsdóttir-1
Unnur Jónsdóttir
HSE Specialist
Reykjavík Energy

It removed the pressure from our managers. Kara Connect became a partner our employees can turn to when they need professional help in any aspect of their lives.

siggi thorarinsson
Sigurdur Thorarinsson
The National University Hospital Reykjavík

Kara Connect is a fantastic tool for students and staff, because throughout the pandemic we have not had the option to talk in person, so it was great to have the opportunity to work online and it was a big big need at times. And still today, it is very comfortable to work either online or in person, depending on the situation.

Irmgard Schroeder
University of Luxembourg

Show your employees you care

Take a preventative approach to your employee mental wellbeing. Boost productivity, reduce attrition, burnout and absenteeism.