Why Kara Connect

Making a positive impact on people's wellbeing drives us forward. We believe happy employees are good for business and we’re committed to removing barriers to professional support. We’re deeply focused on building an inclusive culture and a diverse team. We’re equal parts women and men, tech and humanities, creative and linear, funny and focused.

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Supporting employees at scale

40 k
Active users of our wellbeing platform
200 k
Sessions booked through our platform
100 s
Vetted and certified professionals
5 x
ROI on employee wellbeing from early intervention and prevention (Deloitte)

Why choose Kara Connect?

Thorough vetting

Our professionals undergo comprehensive vetting to ensure they have the excellent educational requirements and professional experience needed to join our community.


We are always learning and adapting based on high-quality studies, usage data and client feedback. We observe, listen, and embrace change and innovation.

Private and secure

Kara Connect’s platform is GDPR-compliant. We ensure full user security and privacy. Sessions with our professionals are self-initiated and confidential.

A broad professional community

Through our Wellbeing Hubs, employees can access our extensive community of high-calibre therapists, counsellors, coaches and expert advisers. 

Bespoke wellbeing support for your business

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For your company

No two companies are the same, so we don't treat them as such. We’ll understand and meet your unique needs.


For your size

Kara Connect’s solution is scalable. It’s always ready to adapt to whatever changes happen within your company.


For your brand

Our platform is fully customisable to match your company’s brand identity and the specific requirements of your employees.

Ready to enhance productivity, retention and recruitment?

Get in touch with us today and one of our experts will show you how Kara Connect can benefit your employees and your business.