Wellbeing Hubs: Frequently asked questions

Interested in joining our Wellbeing Hubs programme? You’ll find useful answers below to some of the questions we’re asked most often by professionals like you.
Have other questions? Get in touch or book a 15 minutes with Kristin, Innovative Wellbeing Consultant here, and we’ll be happy to help.
What is a Wellbeing Hub?

It’s a platform or marketplace we offer our corporate customers so their employees can find the wellbeing and therapeutic services and specialisms they need. 

A company’s Wellbeing Hub enables its employees to find your services easily and book sessions with you.  

If you're already using Kara Connect Workstation to run your business, we can help you reach more potential clients by incorporating your services to one of our Wellbeing Hubs.

How can I express my interest in joining one of the Hubs?

Using Kara Connect already: 

If you're using Kara Connect to manage your own clinic or therapy business, you’ve already created a profile and set up your account.

If that’s the case, our Customer Success team will invite you by email to join a marketplace, if a corporate partner requests your current services and specialisms. 

If you're interested in joining a marketplace, you can also proactively let us know by completing this form. Once one of our corporate partners requests services or specialisms that you offer, we'll contact you immediately to connect you to that marketplace.

If you're new to Kara Connect: 

Express your interest by submitting this form.

One of our team members will review your submission and if your submission is successful in the next 48hours our team will continue your onboarding and give you access to your Kara Connect Workstation. 

Do I need a Kara Connect Workstation subscription to join?

Yes. We created our Wellbeing Hub programme to connect you with employees of companies who are seeking the services you offer. To facilitate this connection, we’ve invested in developing tools and functionality that enable us to link you to wellbeing hubs. 

If you already have a Kara Connect workstation subscription, express your interest in joining our hubs here.

If you're new to Kara Connect, please fill out this form.

What are the benefits and functionality I can use with my Kara Connect Workstation.
Take bookings, meet clients, store notes, and manage payments with Kara Connect "Workstation". Our secure platform enables you to help others lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

If you currently use multiple tools to run your practice, such as meeting systems, video call platforms, or even pen and paper to store client information, there is a better and more secure way!

With Kara Connect Workstation, you can do all of this and more, all in one place!

To learn more click here.
Will I get charged anything extra for participating in your Wellbeing Hubs programme?

No. If you have a Kara Connect Workstation subscription, we won’t charge you more than your existing subscription.

If you are new to Kara Connect, we will provide you with a fully functional solution free of charge.*

  • Please note that this offer is limited and time-bound.
When I submit the form, will I be automatically added to a Hub? How does that work?

When one of our corporate customers is seeking services you provide, we'll be in touch to let you know and invite you to join that specific Wellbeing Hub.

At that time, our Customer Success Team will send a series of resources to guide you through the process.

How it works

  1. You have a Kara Connect Workstation subscription.
  2. You have submitted your interest to join our Wellbeing Hubs programme.
  3. We have a corporate customer seeking your services and specialisms.
  4. Our Kara Connect Customer Success team will get in touch about activating your profile on this Wellbeing Hub. They’ll advise you how to set up your account  so your profile is appealing and attracts bookings. 
  5. Before going live on a specific Wellbeing Hub, you’ll get a notification so you don't miss out on any potential bookings.
  6. Your bookings will appear in your Kara Connect Workstation based on the availability preferences you have set up.
  7. You can run your sessions as you normally do using our secure peer-to-peer encrypted video and audio platform.
  8. At the end of each month, you can invoice any bookings processed through sponsored credits (see the next FAQ) to Kara Connect (or as advised by your Kara Connect Customer Success Manager)

If the employee you're meeting runs out of credits, but wants to continue meeting you, you can arrange your own payment processing as you normally would with direct clients. This could mean using Kara Pay, your own getaway system, credit card, cash or other methods.

Can I use the Kara Connect Workstation without being considered to participate on Wellbeing Hubs?

Yes- You can access all the benefits of the Workstation and all the functionality without being considered for our wellbeing hubs programme.

To do that simply sign up here and select the right subscription you need to run your practice. 

How do I charge for the sessions I deliver?

In our Wellbeing Hub programme, employers provide a certain number of subsidised session credits to their employees. (This means a specific number of sessions are paid for by their company). 

You send Kara Connect your invoices for the Wellbeing Hub individual sessions you deliver each month and we will pay you for them (unless your Kara Connect Customer Success Manager gives you a different process to follow.)

Do you pay for no-shows?

Yes, one of the big advantages of joining our Wellbeing Hubs is that, if an employee can't make it and is a no show, we'll pay you for the session in full. Please note this only applies to sessions booked by sponsored credits. Any other bookings are your responsibility.

Should I offer specific pricing for sessions that are booked through a Wellbeing Hub?

Not specifically if you fall within the required pricing range.

But note that during your application (form submission) we'll review your price average and if you're over the limit and still want to participate on our hubs, we'll ask you to keep your pricing within the applicable range.

I have more questions about the Wellbeing Hubs programme. Where can I find more information?
We have collated additional questions in this detailed Help Centre. Of course, you can always email us to support@karaconnect.com if you need other information.

Experience Kara Connect Wellbeing Hubs

If you're already using Kara Connect to streamline your practice and would like to be considered for our Wellbeing Hub, simply fill out the application form and we'll be in touch if our customers need your services.


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