Elizabeth Hanney, Positive Life Change Coach &Mindful Yoga Instructor.

Elizabeth Hanney is a Positive Life Change Coach and Yoga Instructor. Over the past twenty-two years, she has been on a self-development path through study and self-inquiry. She holds a Certificate in Counselling Skills NUI and a BA in Humanities. She also qualified as a yoga instructor with Yoga Therapy Ireland, and is teaching yoga for nearly ten years. In 2021, she further qualified in the field of Coaching with Neuroscience.

Elizabeth Hanney

What is your experience in partnering with Kara Connect? 


Before working with Kara Connect, Elizabeth had never used a platform like this before. Technical aspects were her main concern, but with support from the Kara Connect team, her onboarding was quick and efficient. Further interactions with clients were smooth, payments arrived on schedule, and the platform was easy and intuitive to use.

Elizabeth appreciates being able to manage her own schedule and work at her own pace. She no longer has to turn down clients who want to schedule an appointment or contact her outside work hours.

All of the clients who started working with Elizabeth through Kara Connect were a good fit. They chose her based on her profile, experience, and energy. Elizabeth values the human connection and is grateful that Kara Connect fosters that same connection between people. Elizabeth's experience with Kara Connect highlights the opportunity for professionals to have control over their work hours and the number of appointments they accept.




Participating on 1 Wellbeing Hub



Increased the number of clients by 3x



Scaled her practice by 200%

*The results are based on professionals' metrics during their first month with Kara Connect, in comparison to their metrics during the last month prior to the creation of this case study.

Why professionals love Kara Connect

“Kara Connect is very simple and intuitive to use. I can manage my schedule and work at my own pace taking as many appointments as I want to”

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Elizabeth Hanney
Positive Life Change Coach &Mindful Yoga Instructor

Build your practice with Kara Connect's Wellbeing Hubs


Connect with a bigger audience

Through Wellbeing Hubs, you can gain access to a wider network of potential clients who need your specialist expertise.

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Make more time for deep work and research

With a more consistent workload through Wellbeing Hubs, you can streamline your calendar and allow time for reflection and reading in your specialism.


Enjoy greater flexibility and work-life balance

Make a difference in employee wellbeing while growing your practice and achieving greater work-life balance.

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