Maria Gracia Abad, Psychologist

Maria Gracia Abad is a Licensed Psychologist from  Ecuador, providing online counselling and psychotherapy in English and Spanish to individuals and companies. She uses  an integrative approach that combines evidence-based therapies like CBT, EMDR and SFBT. She works with people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, religions and countries. She prioritizes creating a therapeutic environment that fosters comfort and reassurance, emphasizing her commitment to assisting clients in achieving stability in their lives.

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What is your experience in partnering with Kara Connect? 

The primary issue that Kara Connect resolved for Maria was the substantial amount of administrative work and back-and-forth communication with clients before and after each session. She used to manually send Intake Form and Informed Consent to every client and had to keep track of bookings and sessions on her own. Kara Connect took care of these tasks efficiently. All the necessary data is now conveniently stored in one place, making invoicing a straightforward process. Consequently, Maria is happy to use her Kara Connect Workstation for her private clients.

The platform itself is highly intuitive and easy to navigate, and the staff is exceptionally responsive. Whenever Maria had questions, they were promptly and comprehensively addressed.

Maria specializes in counseling and psychotherapy and has experience in treating the issues that Wellbeing Hub clients often struggle with, such as burnout and depression.



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Access to over 280 employees to support.

*The results are based on professionals' metrics during their first month with Kara Connect, in comparison to their metrics during the last month prior to the creation of this case study.

Why professionals love Kara Connect

“The team is very responsive and the product is very easy and intuitive to use”

Maria Garcia Abad
Maria Gracia Abad

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