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How to prepare your clinic for remote therapy

How to prepare your clinic for remote therapy

Whether you’re looking to go fully online with your service, introduce a blended approach of in-person and remote meetings, or setting up for an occasional remote meeting as an exception, here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your clinic to offer remote therapy.

Prepare your tech

You’ll need to equip yourself or your professionals with the correct technology in order to have successful sessions. Here are the most essential things to consider:

Good internet connection

How many professionals will be hosting online meetings at the same time? How many others will be using the internet for their daily tasks? Make sure you have a solid internet provider with good connection speeds and strengths, in order to reduce connection problems and lag that can result in poorer image and sound quality. If you’re unsure about the needs of your practice, discuss this with your internet provider.

Computers, cameras and microphones.

You don’t need the shiniest gadgets to make remote therapy work. But you do need a reliable computer that can handle the tasks required. Go over the status of the computers in your practice, and make sure they are running on up-to-date operating systems and not clogged with unnecessary files and programs. Then, make sure they’re able to run the programs you need, simultaneously if necessary. If the computer/s you’re using don’t have in-built cameras and microphones, invest in external devices.

Choose your platform

The platform you use can make a world of difference for both your professionals and clients. Security is a key concern here, and making sure that you and your clients’ data is being processed safely is an essential component of the platform you use. Another thing to consider is ease-of-use for both you and the client.


Kara Connect is a secure online platform that allows you to invite clients to your service and hold end-to-end encrypted remote meetings. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution, Kara also allows you to manage a calendar, keep secure notes of your clients, and charge them, all in one place, whether you’re working with remote or in-person sessions.

Prepare your clients

Moving to online sessions can be intimidating for your clients, and you want to make that process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Make sure they’re aware of the protocols involved, such as cancellations, changing appointments and payments. Introduce them to the platform and give them a chance to familiarise themselves with it. Have a backup plan on how to be in contact in case of technical or other difficulties.


Finally, take a look below at our top tips for online counselling created with Tinna, speech therapist and Kara veteran.

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