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5 Questions for HR and Leaders to Promote Wellbeing Internally

AXA Insurance recently issued a report that reveals that work-related stress costs the UK economy £28bn annually. The majority of this cost arises from lost working days due to stress, burnout, and overall poor mental health. These issues result in businesses losing 23.3 million working days.


Remember, no single solution will resolve everyone's struggles. It's important to provide staff with a range of benefits that they can use when needed. This includes structures that enable people to find the approach that best suits them when discussing their mental health.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself (and your staff) to identify how best you can support your employees:

  • Do employees know it's never too early or too late to talk to an expert?
  • Are the teams, especially managers, aware of the mental health support you provide?
  • Do we have enough processes in place to enable employees to address mental health struggles openly?
  • Are we having the right conversations with our teams about the  support available?
  • Are we asking our employees what else we could do to support their journeys?

To hear more about these topics and also on how to Empower Managers to be Managers, Not Therapists, listen to this recent appearance from our Head of Customer Success, Luis Martinez, on the Beyond Expectations Podcast, where he discusses "Feeling comfortable to speak about your mental health in the workplace."

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