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What are the benefits of clients having their own account in Kara Connect?

What are the benefits of clients having their own account in Kara Connect?

A question sometimes asked by professionals about online services are, why does a client need an account, as opposed to being sent a direct link to a session?

When using the Kara system, there are two ways to register a client to a service in order to book sessions and host remote meetings.

  1. A professional invites a client through Kara. The client receives an email to confirm their registration.
  2. A client requests a service with the professional using a link, provided by the professional (for example on their website).

In both of these cases, clients create an account in Kara. They register their information and can log into this account anytime, even if there isn’t a session booked. This is significantly more secure and convenient for both client and professional than alternative methods such as sending a client a direct link to a meeting.

Why is this important?


By requiring clients to have their own account in Kara, they create secure access which is password protected by them, or accessed via Electronic ID (in Iceland).

Each professional using Kara decides how much information their clients are required to provide upon registration for their services. If using our secure payment server, Kara Pay, the professional can require the client to provide their card information, ensuring safe payments.

Because it is accessed through their accounts, the client and the professional are the only people that can attend the end-to-end encrypted session. It is not possible to record the session. At all stages of the process, using Kara is secure and compliant with GDPR standards. This is significantly more secure than sending a client a direct link to a meeting through other forms of communication.


Having everything in one place makes the process simpler and more accessible to the client.

To join a session, all a client needs to do is log in to Kara using their computer (or the app (link) if using smartphones/tablets). If they have a session booked, it will appear on their home page ready for them to join.

Clients can also see an overview of all their sessions, past and upcoming. They can also download receipts for each session themselves for their own accounting or if needed to provide to their employer or insurance provider, without needing to request it from the professional.

For the professional, clients having their own accounts means that professionals have access to a client profile, where all the information for the client is kept in one place. This includes their contact information, payment history, session history and notes, which are organised by date and securely encrypted. Only the professional has access to their client notes.

Kara is the ‘therapy hub’

Clients can see all sessions for all of their services in one place, no matter how many services they’re connected to: if they’re seeing a physiotherapist, psychologist, career counsellor and life coach through Kara, it’s all accessed through the same homepage.

Clients can also keep track of their progress by seeing an overview of when their sessions have been and how many sessions they’ve had. The security of knowing that everything is in one place, accessible only by them but at any time, eases anxiety about remembering sessions, payments and progress.

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