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FuturEnergy Ireland is recognised as a leading Irish wind turbine manufacturer investing in renewable energy research and development.

The firm aims to develop more than 1GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030, a significant contribution to Ireland’s commitment of producing 80% of electricity from renewable sources by the end of the decade.

Kara Connect helps FuturEnergy Ireland employees deal with the increasing business pressures as well as the day-to-day strains they encounter in a post-COVID world – and Kara Connect has had a major positive impact.

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The FuturEnergy Ireland story: An Unwavering Commitment to Renewable Energy

Combining the Irish State’s strongest assets and expertise in renewable energy development, FuturEnergy Ireland’s mission is to maximise the potential of unique wind and land resources and accelerate Ireland’s transformation to a low carbon energy economy.
FuturEnergy Ireland has entrusted Kara Connect to be a central part of its employee wellbeing initiatives – and have felt the difference Kara makes as opposed to other providers:
"The biggest advantage of Kara Connect is that the online Wellbeing Hub is very easy to use: you can book a session directly with a professional, and continue working with the same person, who already knows your story and has built a relationship with you," says Caroline Haughey, HR Manager of FuturEnergy Ireland.

“Instead of providing a predefined pool of professionals, Kara Connect creates a unique hub of experts tailored to your team's specific requirements.

The Kara Connect team is excellent to work with: they organise trainings, hold weekly meetings, and send out reports. All queries are promptly addressed, and suggestions are welcomed.”

– Caroline Haughey

HR Manager
FuturEnergy Ireland




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