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Linked Finance is Ireland’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform, offering a transformative lending solution to provide businesses with alternative avenues to secure capital quickly and easily while providing investors with promising opportunities for attractive returns.

Founded in 2013, Linked Finance provides investors with access to a diverse range of opportunities across various sectors, enabling them to build a well-balanced portfolio. Linked Finance offers Irish investors the chance to earn attractive returns on investments in Irish SMEs, often not attainable through traditional investment avenues.

Their lending solution, on the other hand, opens up new possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises to access vital funding with unprecedented ease. 


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Linked Finance – Committing to Employee Wellbeing

The leadership of Linked Finance is committed to providing employees with the safe and confidential support they need to thrive at work and at home, which is why they've invested in Kara Connect's Wellbeing Hubs for their employees.

"It is very reassuring from a leadership perspective to know that employees feel that there is a safe space through which they can access confidential support for their mental and physical wellbeing," says Niall O'Grady, CEO of Linked Finance.

Since setting up their customised Wellbeing Hub, Linked Finance have seen huge improvements in employee engagement, with high levels of uptake and follow-up bookings. 

“Our experience using Kara Connect has been very positive. Our employees can easily book sessions with excellent professionals through our Wellbeing Hub. It has proved to be a fantastic addition to our employee offering.

The Kara Connect team has been great to work with; they keep in regular contact, provide excellent reports and ensure that our employees are easily able to book sessions with no fuss.”

– Niall O'Grady, CEO
Linked Finance




Increased employee engagement 




Follow-up bookings




Employee uptake