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At the heart of everything that Reykjavik Energy does is a strong team spirit. The 550 people who help to power the energy company – which provides natural gas, hot water and electricity to homes across Reykjavik – sit at the core of the company.

As such, Reykjavik Energy is always looking for new and innovative ways in which it can support its employees. Today, that means prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of all employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a steep increase in workplace stress and anxiety across the globe. At the same time, the traditional work-life balance has become blurred, with the home becoming a place of work for many.

Reykjavik Energy knew it needed to do something to support its employees in these unique and challenging times, so it turned to Kara Connect for help. Kara Connect helps Reykjavik Energy employees deal with the increasing business pressures as well as the day-to-day strains they encounter in a post-COVID world.


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The Reykjavik Energy origin story: Putting employee wellbeing front and centre

Reykjavik Energy (Orkuveita Reykjavíkur) is an energy and utility company founded in 1999 that brings electricity, natural gas and hot water to homes all across Reykjavik.

The company is committed to providing both renewable and sustainable energy sources as the largest producer of geothermal energy in all of Iceland.

Reykjavik Energy has entrusted Kara Connect to be a central part of its employee wellbeing initiatives, something Reykjavik Energy doesn't take lightly.

“I’m impressed with the impact Kara Connect has had on our company. We get great service from the team. The platform is now at the forefront of the staff wellbeing programme. We chose Kara Connect over other solutions because it allows our employees to access the professional support they need directly.”

Unnur Jónsdóttir
- Reykjavik Energy




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