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TalentHub is recognised as a leading Irish recruitment firm specialising in sourcing experts across various fields – and matching them with the perfect hiring opportunities available in order to build sustainable and thriving teams.

Culture remains central to TalentHub’s philosophy and drives their approach to client partnerships and candidate care. With support for mid-career to C-suite opportunities, TalentHub specialises in tech, data, sales, design, marketing and HR recruitment, delivering frontline expertise for the digitalisation of teams.

Kara Connect helps TalentHub's employees to deal with increasing business pressures, as well as the day-to-day strains they encounter in a post-COVID world – and Kara Connect has had a major positive impact in this respect.

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The TalentHub story: Candidate Recruitment 2.0

Since its beginning, culture has been placed at the heart of TalentHub's vision. Their decades of recruitment and industry experience gave them a unique insight into the key ingredients for successful hires, leading them to develop a bespoke approach that identifies cultural fit and competencies to find the perfect match.
TalentHub has entrusted Kara Connect to be a central part of its employee wellbeing initiatives – and have felt the difference Kara makes as opposed to other providers:
"Kara Connect has made it easy for us to provide immediate support to our employees. We have seen an improvement in their problem solving skills, which has led to a decrease in the time we spend coaching our people," says Morgan Cummins, TalentHub Partner and Board Member.

“The best thing about Kara Connect is accessibility. TalentHub gained instant access to services immediately after the launch. More professionals were requested by the team and quickly added to their Hub later, and there have been ongoing updates since.

– Morgan Cummins

TalentHub Partner and Board Member




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