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Zartis is a digital solutions provider and Deloitte Fast50 company, working across technology consulting, team augmentation and product development, with a team of more than 280 professionals.

Starting out as a SaaS company in 2009, developing HR software, and later evolving into a consultancy business for the tech sector, Zartis has been helping their customers to design software products and build software teams in a more effective way.

Today, Zartis partners with firms across financial services, healthcare, renewable energy, media, logistics, educational technology and many other sectors. They do innovative work with a broad array of technologies across various projects.

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The Zartis Method: Striving to support each "Zartisian" to be their best selves

Zartis has always recognised the need for a healthy work/life balance – because they know that your personal well-being has a direct impact on how you perform and feel at work.

Kara Connect supports Zartis' employees and enables line managers to better support their direct reports.

“We have received positive feedback from our team that even having Kara Connect in place gives them extra reassurance that we care and we want to provide as much as possible to our people,” says Filipa Martins, Engagement Consultant at Zartis.

“As a part of our wellbeing strategy, we were looking for something different, something more tailored to the needs of our people and their interests.

We wanted to give more to our team and Kara Connect was a perfect fit.

The Kara Connect team tailored everything specifically for us to the last detail, and always with a positive attitude”

- Irene Gilpérez
Head of Engagement




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