5 steps to making health changes that stick

Join us for an empowering session focused on lasting health changes! Discover how to make sustainable shifts in stress management, dietary choices, exercise routines, and sleep patterns. Learn motivation secrets, habit mastery, realistic goal setting, and tools for a healthier mindset. Move towards a healthier, more balanced you.


Date: 14th February 2024 
Time: 1pm GMT

Sinead Kelly

Sinead Kelly

Self Health Coach

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5 Steps to making health changes that stick with Sinead kelly

Meet the speaker:

With over 12 years of experience in corporate Occupational Health Nursing, Sinead Kelly gained a profound understanding of the unique demands and challenges professionals face daily. In 2017, she graduated in Coaching Psychology, a pivotal step that has enabled her to offer more profound and tailored support to professionals seeking to enhance their lives.
Sinead understands the pressures you face and her heartfelt message to you is that you are not alone and you can find better health, understanding, and balance. Sinead knows that trying to prioritise your own self-care when everything else seems much more important and making changes to health, life, and work on your own can be really challenging. Sticking with these changes can be even tougher. Sinead is here to help and to support you to thrive and develop strategies for both your professional and personal life.

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More about the webinar:

This Webinar is designed to assist employees to create and sustain healthy changes such as habits in stress reduction, dietary choices, exercise, & sleep improvements.
  • Understanding the different types of motivation, especially the most effective type for sustaining healthy changes.
  • The fundamentals of habit formation.
  • How to think realistically about our health goals.
  • Increasing our awareness of how our thinking impacts our health.
  • Practical tools for moving into a more helpful mindset.
Includes a concluding exercise to ground & inspire attendees, a Q&A session and a toolkit with a 5 Step checklist for integrating the learning.

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