Webinar - Beyond the Office: Navigating Remote Work for Employee Wellbeing

As more companies transition to virtual workplaces, it's important to consider how remote work affects employee mental and physical health. In this webinar, our panelists will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, as well as strategies for promoting employee wellbeing in a virtual environment.

5th April, 2023
12pm - 12.30pm
John McElligott, Jennifer Blake, Finbarr Buckley


John McElligott (1)

John McElligott

Kara Connect, COO & Co-Founder

Jennifer Blake

Jennifer Blake

People Leader, HR Consultant

Finbarr Buckley

Finbarr Buckley

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant & Leadership Coach


Beyond the Office: Navigating Remote Work for Employee Wellbeing

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The pros and cons of working remotely for both employers and employees
  • How remote work can affect employee wellbeing
  • Tips for maintaining mental and physical health while working from home
  • How employers can support employee wellbeing in a virtual workplace

Our panel includes Jennifer Blake, HR Consultant, Finbarr Buckley, Workplace Wellbeing Consultant and Leadership Coach, and John McElligott, Kara Connect's COO as the moderator. This webinar is perfect for HR professionals, managers, and anyone interested in learning more about remote work and employee wellbeing.