Webinar - How to feed a hybrid work life?

With abundant nutrition and health information, why are many of us still stuck wondering what to eat and if we are doing it right?


Denise Wogan understands, what you want to know is how to implement productive eating routines that fuel your passions at work, at home and play.


John and Denise will discuss 10 of your hot wellbeing and nutrition questions, giving you practical tips you can implement immediately.


This pre-recorded webinar with one of the many high-calibre professionals available on the Kara Connect Employee Wellbeing platform is available for you to watch at your convenience, and then on National Wellbeing Day #WorkWell23, Denise will be available between 12.00 - 1.00 p.m. for complimentary one-to-one sessions with 4 lucky attendees.

John McElligott, Denise Wogan


John McElligott (1)

John McElligott

Kara Connect, COO & Co-Founder


Denise Wogan

Nutritional Therapist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Professional Life Coach

How to feed a hybrid work life?

During this webinar, Denise answers the following questions and gives you some practical tips and provides you a fresh lenses to view nutrition. We did a poll on LinkedIn and asked prospective attendees what specific questions they would like you to answer.
- How to intelligently cook/shop and meal prep beginning of the week?
- How to balance spoiling yourself versus eating to get fuel/energy in your body?
- Ways to stop eating junk food 
- How do I manage my weekly nutrition when living alone and want some variety?
- What do I do if I have not eaten and am hungry late in the evening?
- How do I stop feeling guilty about feeding a family while working
Our panel includes Denise Wogan, Intuitive Eating Counsellor, and John McElligott, Kara Connect's COO as the moderator. This webinar is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about nutrition and wellbeing.