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Business Growth

Business growth

  • Secure your spot in our professional network
  • You're added to our waitlist until a company requests your specialism
  • Once your specialism is requested, we add your profile to a company's Wellbeing Hub
  • Employees find and book the right professional for their needs
  • You agree the best way to work with each employee
Profitable Work

Profitable Work

  • We agree your rate and you receive 100%
  • Guaranteed payments for late cancellations and no-shows
  • More predictable revenue and workload
  • Maintain your flexibility and work-life balance

System access

  • Software designed for counsellors, coaches and therapists
  • Use it for your own practice to eliminate admin and save other software costs
  • Built-in calendar and automated reminders and notifications
  • Create and keep secure video sessions, log notes and journals
  • Kara Pay secure payments and invoicing
Security and support

Security and support

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Encrypted platform ensures complete confidentiality
  • Straightforward, smooth onboarding
  • Live chat technical support
Professional growth

Professional growth

  • Attend networking sessions with your peers
  • Connect with Kara Connect’s professional community
  • Newsletters and webinars to create professional community connections

Why professionals use Kara Connect

"I use Kara Connect for encrypted video, notes, payment, invoices, and automated email and text reminders. These features are significant selling points as they save me hours of administrative work every week, allowing me to dedicate more time to seeing clients or having downtime. Partnering with Kara Connect also comes with additional benefits, such as participating in their Wellbeing Hubs program. This gives me another channel to support more people at no cost to them, while still receiving full pay for my work. It couldn't get any better."

Dr Tim Van Wanrooij 
Chartered Counselling Psychologist

"I’m a lot busier since I started with Kara Connect. The clients just turn up on my doorstep with no marketing or admin work at my end."

Aoife Gaffney
Aoife Gaffney
Money & Financial Coach

"Kara Connect is very easy to use. It’s been a hit for my clients who appreciate the flexibility and love the online security because a lot of people prefer not to attend therapy in their local community."

Clodagh McGrath
Counselling & Psychotherapy

"Kara Connect has transformed my professional life. It eliminates administrative work and client communication. No more manual forms or tracking bookings. Kara Connect handles everything efficiently and stores all data in one place, simplifying invoicing. As a counseling specialist, Kara Connect makes it easy to support my private clients. Highly recommended!”

Ps Maria Gracia Abad2023-06-19 08_41_02
Maria Gracia Abad

"Kara Connect is very simple and intuitive to use. I can manage my schedule and work at my own pace taking as many appointments as I want to."



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Elizabeth Hanney
Positive Life Change Coach/Mindful Yoga Instructor

"Kara Connect has linked me with the exact type of clients I knew I could help as a coach with no risk involved for me."

Finbarr Buckley
Finbarr Buckley
Leadership Coach

"When I started this career, I wanted to help people. Kara Connect gives me the opportunity to support individuals from various backgrounds one-on-one. The Kara Connect team is fantastic; communication is always prompt, and team members consistently keep professionals in the loop.”

RY picture 2023-01-03 18_52_42 (1)
Rachel Young
Nutrition & Health Coach & Wellness Consultant

Why Kara Connect?


Our strict vetting process means we only work with the best professionals, boosting your brand’s reputation. 

More of the work you love
More of the work you love

Employees will connect for help in your areas of expertise so you can make a real difference.

You're in control
You're in control

As with all your other clients, you get to decide on the best way to work with each employee.  

We don't pay peanuts...
We don't pay peanuts...

… because we want the best in the business. Our profits come from the small fee we charge our clients. 

We give you fully functional software
We give you fully functional software

We started out as software providers for counselling businesses. Now you get access to a full workstation to run your own practice.

What we expect from our professionals

Experienced and licensed

  • We'll as for evidence of

    We'll ask for evidence of the right education, training and certificates;

  • Practical experience in your field to provide safe, high-quality care

    Practical experience in your field to provide safe, high-quality care;

  • A proven track record of providing best-in-class care to your clients

    A proven track record of providing best-in-class care to your clients

Effortless business growth

A great cultural fit

  • Expanded reach and increased visibility

    Perfect for experts who are happy to accommodate clients' needs and offer online sessions whenever possible;

  • Make their clients feel comfortable and valued before, during and after each session

    Make their clients feel comfortable and valued before, during and after each session;

  • Adapt and improve client care by always learning about the latest advancements in their field

    Adapt and improve client care by always learning about the latest advancements in their field

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We're looking for people who provide services in these areas:

Mental Health

Mental health

Stress and burnout

Anxiety and depression

Loneliness and isolation



Mental fitness

Mindfulness and relaxation 

Emotional eating

Life coaching

Excessive phone or tablet use

Family & relationships

Family & relationships

Family and parenting 

Marriage and divorce

Special education

Elderly care and life stages

Fertility counselling

Communication and counselling

LGTBQ+, gender  and diversity

Community integration 



Managing everyday activities

Career growth



Workplace change

Work relationships

Conflict mediation



Nutrition and diet


Physical therapy

Substance use and alcohol pattern


Mobility and pain management

Speech therapy


Breath work

Sports - mental and physical support and coaching





Financial help



Can’t see your specialism? We’re always expanding our offering so get in touch to tell us more about what you offer.


How can you afford to pay my usual rates?

Our client businesses pay a flat fee each month on top of your rates. The Kara Connect business models means you keep your full fee. 

Who will vet me?

Like a peer review, our trusted and experienced in-house clinical psychologist checks all our professionals. 

How do I get paid for my sessions?

Kara Pay is part of the software you get access to. Your payments will be automatically directed to the bank account you set up on your profile. 

How long can I expect to wait before I get my first client?

Your details will be added to a business’ Wellbeing Hub when their employees say they want support from someone in your field. This could happen quickly or it could take a little longer depending on demand for your specialism. Then it’s down to employees feeling you’re a good fit for them based on your profile. 

Any other questions?

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