Power your people to perform at their best

Employees thrive with the right support. Give them proactive access to professional coaching, therapy, financial expertise and other services on Kara Connect – the employee wellbeing service focused on prevention. 

SSL secured
GDPR compliant

Guaranteed security, privacy and confidentiality


Access to 100s of accredited multilingual professionals


Easy to implement, easy to use

Empower your employees

Tackle small issues before they’re big problems

Boost productivity, drive retention and avoid reactive crisis mode. Kara Connect provides early customised help from accredited professionals, preventing issues such as anxiety and stress from becoming serious challenges.

That’s better for your employees and better for your business. 

Preventative wellbeing pays back

A transformative service that delivers ROI

> 6 X
employee engagement rate from preventative wellbeing services compared with traditional EAPs*
5 X
ROI on employee wellbeing from investment in early intervention and prevention*
31 %
of employees expect more wellbeing support from their employers*

A transformative service that delivers ROI

Direct your HR budget where it’ll have true impact today. By investing in early prevention, you save on costs relating to absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition. 

Why employers use Kara Connect

We chose Kara Connect over other solutions because it allows our employees to access the professional support they need directly without any middle man.

Unnur Jónsdóttir-1
Unnur Jónsdóttir
HSE Specialist
Reykjavík Energy

It removed the pressure from our managers. Kara Connect became a partner our employees can turn to when they need professional help in any aspect of their lives.

siggi thorarinsson
Sigurður Thorarinsson
The National University Hospital Reykjavík

Kara Connect is a fantastic tool for students and staff, because throughout the pandemic we have not had the option to talk in person, so it was great to have the opportunity to work online and it was a big big need at times. And still today, it is very comfortable to work either online or in person, depending on the situation.

Irmgard Schroeder
University of Luxembourg

Prioritise wellbeing to foster productive culture

Give your employees choices

Offer them direct self-service access to private sessions with selected professionals and counsellors.

Take pressure off your managers

Your managers can use the Wellbeing Hub to manage increased employee need for support.

Great employers foster great culture

When employees feel better, they do better. And that’s good for business. Kara Connect is a preventative white-labelled wellbeing service built for your business needs. 

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